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Wednesday, July 25, 2018

What is Bitcoin and How to earn bitcoin? It's Easy If You Do It Smart

Friends ..! As far as I expect, you must have heard of Bitcoin's name. And you have come to know about Bitcoin on this blog from Details. No one was talking about it 1 year ago, but today only Bitcoin is being talked on the internet.

What Bitcoin is and How Bitcoins Can Earn
What Bitcoin is and How Bitcoins Can Earn

Let's know how to invest in Bitcoin? Do it or not. I am about to describe Bitcoin in detail. You will know about printed currency such as Dollar, Pounds, Euro, Rupee. Maybe one of them is in your currency, so today I am telling you about Bitcoins very well. And I will also talk about some interesting questions related to Bitcoin. for example..

How Bitcoins Are Made (Mine)?
How do you use Bitcoin?
What is a Bitcoin Price (Value of Bitcoin)?
 How accurate is investing in Bitcoin and how much wrong

First of all, friends know that BitcoinBitcoin is an Electronic Currency, a currency that you can not touch. You can not just see Bitcoin, you can store Electronically. Bitcoin is a Crypto-currency payment system with no Authorized Bank. Nor does the organization control it. Hence the price of Bitcoins keeps rising above the very fast. And at this time, the price of a Bitcoin is approximately 8,186.17 United States Dollar  which is approximately equal to 5,62,796.46 Indian rupees and at this time you are reading articles, it may be even more.
If you want to check the price chart of Bitcoins. You can search on Google. And compare Bitcoin with all the country's currency.

Some Interesting Information about Bitcoin:

Just as a part of the money is called money. In the same way, a part of Bitcoins is called "Satoshi". Because Bitcoin was created by Satoshi Nakamoto in 2008. And no one has seen them.
We can break a bitcoin in 1000000 part. That is, a Bitcoin is made up of 1 million Satoshi. In the world so far the currency of any country can not be broken in so many parts.

How Bitcoins are made (Mine):

Bitcoins do not have any Authorized Bank or Currency Control Center. How would Bitcoins be made and who would be made. This is a very interesting thing but you will be surprised at it. The new Bitcoin is made from a Successful Transaction.

For example- Suppose If I have a Bitcoin and that Bitcoin is selling to me. So I will go to the website of Bitcoin exchange and I will send a request for Bitcoin Exchange. After that I will contact thousands who buy Bitcoins. When I send my Bitcoin to anyone. So anyone who verifies that transaction is also required. By verifying the Bitcoins that were sent by me to that buyer.

There is no Authorized Bank for Bitcoins done. For those who verify my Transaction, so many people want Bitcoins Trasaction to be successful. Has opened its own Bitcoins Verification Center. As soon as I send it to Bitcoin. So Bitcoin first goes to these Verifaction Center. Anyone who verifies the Math Problem of Bitcoin Verifications Center first solves the Transaction. Then that Verification Center gets some bitcoins in Reward. And similarly new Bitcoins are formed.

If you want, you can open the Bitcoins Verification Center. But for that you must have a very powerful GPU wall computer. It should be accompanied by a powerful IC that can solve the problem of meth problems.

The use of Bitcoins is said to be:
Friends Bitcoins are not used in many countries. Nor can Bitcoins use you to buy all the accessories. Bitcoins can only be done online and at some Particular place. If you want to buy Bitcoins. You can buy or sell online or with the help of the app.

If you have an Android phone. So you can download the app from the Play Store. And from here you can deposit Bitcoins. Get information about its price. E.g. - Zebpay, Unocoin

If you have any Bitcoins. So you can use it only in the given country.

Czech Republic
Europian Union
South africa
South Korea
United Kingdom
United State of America

Invest in Bitcoin or Do not:

See, Friends, Bitcoin's price is skyrocketing day by day and it is going down in a few moments. So in such a way the decision to invest in it becomes a bit difficult. Currently running more than 10K + $ And it is estimated that it is decided to increase its multiplication in the coming time.

My opinion is that if it decreases to $ 5,000, then you buy it, then wait for it to grow. And yes, not much greed. Anything later can happen because the Government of India has not yet linked the Cryptocurrency.

So whatever you do, think of things as money is of money.

How to invest in Bitcoins

If you have made a mind to invest in Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency, there are so many wallets from where you can buy and sell.


You can buy and sell different types of currency at Kinex, together you can also see the chart. Sign up from here: Koinex Sign UP


Friends like Bitcoins are the perfect Stock Market. But Bitcoins can only be online store. If you have money and you invest in Share Market Money. So you can invest money in Bitcoins in the same way and keep buying Bitcoins. And whenever you think that selling Bitcoins will get good money now. So you can sell them.

For example- I have 2 bitcoins I bought in 2014. At that time I had taken it in $ 450 / B. Now Bitcoin's price has increased in 2018. $ 776 / B So if I sell my Bitcoin, then at least I will benefit at least $ 652 on both B.

Hope you liked this post and you might have got good information about Bitcoins. If you have any suggestions or ideas about this post. So you must give us a comment.

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